STEM Meets the Challenge of the Pandemic is a collaborative initiative to support STEM educators and students at this time when most opportunities for youth to connect with mentors and role models are on hold. Through virtual experiences, this effort brings forward ways that STEM professionals and the companies they work at—in Minnesota and throughout the world—are using science, engineering, technology, and mathematics to find innovative and cutting-edge solutions to the challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is our goal that educators, students, and parents use these resources to learn more about how innovation, problem-solving, teamwork, persistence, and creativity are used to meet community needs; the wide variety of STEM careers that can play a role in addressing pandemic-scale problems; the interesting work being done by Minnesotans and Minnesota businesses and organizations; and the variety of STEM-related career opportunities that exist in our state.


Katie Jamieson, CAE, Project Director
President, Engage! Community Building for Nonprofits, LLC

Beth Murphy, PhD, Co-Project Director
Principal, Beth Murphy Consulting, LLC

Olivia Belluck, Video Producer

Owen Kumasaka, Interviewer & Video Producer

Sara Keis, Social Media Communications Consultant
Keis Communications


Ellen Bösl, MS, Sr. Director Research and Development, 3M
Jason Bruns, Director, Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence
Dick Chng, Project Engineer, Stonebrooke Engineering Inc.
Bob Dummer, PE, MSMS, PMP, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Randy Ellingboe, Licensed Civil Engineer, Engineering Alliance Foundation Minnesota Board of Directors
Angie Froistad, Director, Career Center, University of Minnesota College of Science & Engineering
Yi Guo, President, Rochester Math Club
James Lynch, E3 STEM Program Manager, Apple Valley High School
Cheryl Moeller, Executive Director, High Tech Kids
Alex Mollenkamp, Project Engineer, WSB
Sarah Ness, Program Manager, Southeast Service Cooperative
Michael O’Connor, PhD, Director Strategy and Project Management, Medtronic
Ben Wallace, Co-founder & Building Solutions Consultant, Minify Energy


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